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Sometimes we're not okay which is why the Connect2Hope project encourages people to Seek Counseling, Get Support, and Help a Friend when needed.

Seek Counseling

The National Alliance on Mental Illness reports that 1 in 4 adults suffer from a serious mental illness.  Counseling is a big part of the recovery process for many.  Students are encouraged to make an appointment at the Counseling Center.  Faculty and Staff have access to an Employee Assistance Program.

Get Support

Students can also utilize the Cougar Counseling Team as a support resource which is made up of trained volunteers.  There are also a number of self help resources on the counseling page.

Help a Friend 

People are also encouraged to look out for their friends.  With our suicide prevention grant, we are able to offer awareness events and prevention training on campus which are open to everyone, regardless of job function.  COFC staff, faculty, and students can also explore becoming a Cougar Counseling Team member.  For friends in a crisis with an immediate need, please call 911 or use one of the other resources on our counseling page.