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Koru Mindfulness

A koru, the spiral shape of the unfurling fern frond, is the natural representation of the balance between perpetual growth and stability.
 This workshop series offers skills in Mindfulness and Meditation, which offer the type of growth symbolized by the koru.  Beyond simply decreasing your stress, this course offers approaches and skills to help you find more satisfaction in your daily life.

The course, consisting of 4 classes, is designed to help you learn mindfulness through the practice of specific skills that calm and focus your mind; and through the practice of meditation. If you are feeling pressured and stressed, or just interested in learning a new skill that can enrich your life, these classes are for you!

Beginners and experienced meditators welcome!

Koru 1.0  (Introduction to Mindfulness Meditation)

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Koru 1.0

1:40- 2:55 pm, Tuesdays,
October 24th through November 14th

And for the first time, we will be offering:

Koru Mindfulness 2.0

You must attend a Koru 1.0 to attend

Join us for the second series in Koru Mindfulness course. 

Koru 2.0

12:15 - 1:30 pm, Thursdays

October 19th - November 9th

Taught by Rachael McNamara and Shannon McKenzie

Want to learn more about Koru? 
Hear students across the country talk about their experiences

Getting Started!  Learning More About Koru Classes
Listen to students perspective on how they decided to check out the Koru classes, including some of the initial hesitations they had

Koru:  Surprises and Skills
Listen to students talk about the workshop, including things they were not expecting.   They also describe the skills they gained and how they have been useful to them.

Koru:  Changes and Lessons Learned
Listen to students discussing their experiences with Koru Mindfulness Meditation classes, including the changes they have noticed in their lives as a result of the workshop.  They also describe the lessons they have learned from their practice.

Koru Possibilities
Listen to students discuss the different possibilities they see for the application of what they learned in the Koru Mindfulness workshops.